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Mirrors, Wall Mirrors, Bathroom Mirrors - Welcome to our catalogue of quality mirrors including large, framed and full length mirrors, bathroom mirrors and security mirrors.



Mirrors are a key design element that both professional decorators and home owners use to add light, space and charm anywhere in the home. There is no other design piece that can do so much for so little effort.

The right mirror can make any room look larger, feel better lit and add a real touch of luxury and elegance. This makes your house feel more like the home you always dreamed it could be. It is no wonder that interior designers have always cherished the secret of using mirrors in nearly every room of the house.

Whether you are looking for wall mirrors, contemporary glass mirrors or vintage style decorative mirrors; Mirror-Mirror is the go-to online destination with a fantastic range available and free delivery included on all products.
We have been providing high quality mirrors for over 10 years and all of the products we supply are carefully chosen to provide our customers with a fantastic choice of designs. From humble beginnings, our company has grown to become one of the UK's leading independent mirror specialists.

Our range includes a great selection of
overmantle mirrors, which are one the most popular styles of mirror in the UK. Placed above a mantelpiece, these designs really help to accentuate the fireplace and create a stunning focal point in the room that works well in both modern and traditional settings.

Moving upstairs,
bedroom mirrors are another of our most popular ranges. Contemporary oversized or full length mirrors add a real touch of glamour to a bedroom, whilst floor standing cheval mirrors and dressing table mirrors are one of the most important pieces of any dressing area.

Bathroom mirrors are another speciality at Mirror-Mirror. We carry over 100 different bathroom mirror styles including illuminated bathroom mirrors that are available with either LED or halogen lights. Additionally we also offer a large selection of stylish and versatile mirrored bathroom cabinets that are available with or without lights, together with specialist shaving and make up mirrors.

There is also a large selection of security and safety mirrors available at Mirror-Mirror. Traffic safety mirrors are a great addition to garages or driveways while internal convex mirrors are a good solution for providing security in a small store, office or other business. Vandal proof stainless steel or polycarbonate mirrors are exactly the right choice for prisons, schools or other areas that need the upmost in shatter resistant durability.
No matter what type of mirror product you are looking for, Mirror-Mirror is the perfect place to start your search.